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The Artist Fair during the Basel-Art Week

RHY ART puts artists back at the centre of the art market, creating a platform for discovering young artists as well as presenting the achievements of established artists.

Rhy Art Salon Basel is a young, fresh event for artists as well as a public exhibition during the Basel Art Week in June. Current and international positions in contemporary art are presented in a stylish setting.

Works of all contemporary art styles will be presented on a compact area with innovative subjects and in perfect technical quality: photography, digital art, graphics, painting, sculpture and installations.

The artists are present during the event and personally introduce their works, which have been created with passion and precision. The purpose of the event is communication, trade and contact with the public, the purchase of artworks is possible.

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For art collectors and art lovers, Rhy Art is the perfect place to discover new talents who are not yet overwhelmed by the rules of the market, a place where you can truly focus on the creativity and innovation of contemporary art.

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The hall of the Rhypark Basel is a hall with lots of daylight and a large window front directly onto the banks of the Rhine. The new Rhine bank route through the three-country triangle (Switzerland, Germany, France) leads directly along the Rhypark.
From the Art Basel exhibition ground there is a direct tram line to Rhypark (tram 14 or 21, five stops to 'Novartis Campus'). There is also a direct tram line from Basel-SBB main station (tram 1 in only 15 minutes). The Rhypark can be reached from the international airport EuroAirport in 20 minutes (bus 50, then tram 1).

In addition to the major art fairs and events of Art Basel, you can discover a small but fine art fair in Rhypark during the Art Week: Rhy Art. It has already served as a springboard for many artists. Meanwhile, not only newcomers, but also more established artists are represented at Rhy Art.


A platform for interaction and exchange.

The Rhypark will once again be a meeting place for art lovers in June 2021.
During the Basel Art Week, RHY ART will present contemporary art near the city centre from 17 to 20 June 2021. For passionate art collectors and art enthusiasts, RHY ART complements the numerous art fairs and events taking place in Basel at the same time by focusing on individual artist presentations with Solo and One-Person-Shows.

With a beautiful view and in a relaxed atmosphere, RHY ART artists and galleries take visitors on a journey of discovery. Personal conversations at the exhibition stand can deepen the impressions.

There is a selection of paintings, sculptures, artistic photography, limited-edition prints, digital art and object art by newcomers and established artists.
The exhibition offers artworks for medium and even small budgets. RHY ART is the ideal place to start or refresh your own art collection.

For the preview, collectors who were willing and able to buy as well as curators who were eager to discover met a broad and pricy selection of contemporary art in the Rhypark, which lies directly on the Rhine. The visitors were impressed by the sunshine and loud live music, while expert talks were held over cool drinks, exhibition agreements arranged, or simply art purchases transacted - relaxed arts shopping.


The particular exhibition during the Basel Art Week.

RHY ART is again dedicated to individual artists in its 5th edition.
RHY ART was born from the vision of giving independent artists a presentation space during the Basel Art Week.
The founding aim of this exhibition is to put artists back at the centre of the art market, to discover young artists and to present the achievements of established artists.

There are many talented people in the art world, and RHY ART offers them a forum for personal contact with the public. The exhibition thus offers an attractive forum for art dealers, curators and collectors.
Since its founding in 2015, artists from 25 countries have presented their works at RHY ART.

Rhy Art presents a variety of disciplines and is a meeting place for aspiring collectors off the beaten track. Given its compact size and hand-picked range, Rhy Art is certainly a change from the larger fairs.


Art Week Basel.

Basel becomes the world's largest temporary museum during the third week of June.
Art Basel, the most important trade fair of the international art market, takes place here.
The numerous parallel fairs and exhibitions also offer contemporary art of the finest quality. Basel Art Week brings together gallery owners, artists, art dealers, collectors, curators and many celebrities from the cultural scene.
A lot is happening not only at the fairground, but also on the Grossbasel side in the Quartier St.Johann. After RHY ART had already opened up the terrain in 2015, further international exhibitions and art fairs are now settling in Basel-St.Johann.

Basel- Cultural Capital of Switzerland.

In Basel, Swiss quality meets a multicultural population in the border region with France and Germany.
This makes the city unmistakably cosmopolitan, international and innovative. With its diverse cultural scene and annual top-class events, Basel is a cultural hotspot of Switzerland.
In Basel, culture is lived, made, promoted and celebrated. On a small area there is an exceptionally dense, high-quality and internationally respected offer. Nearly forty museums in the city show trend-setting fine arts from antiquity to the present day. The high-calibre special exhibitions of the Fondation Beyeler, the Museum of Art and the Museum of Antiquities are known throughout the world.
The visual arts also play an important role outside the museums. Visitors are confronted with art in public spaces everywhere in the beautiful Old Town.

Rhy = Rhine.

The RHY ART SALON is named after the Alemannic name for the Rhine, because the Rhine, Basel's landmark, accounts for a major part of the quality of life that Basel offers its inhabitants and guests. The Rhypark venue also has the High Rhine (Hochrhy) in its name.


5th Contemporary Artists' Salon

HOURS 2021
June 17: 3 - 8 pm
June 18: 11 - 7 pm
June 19: 11 - 7 pm
June 20: 11 - 6 pm

Rhypark Basel
Muelhauserstrasse 17
CH-4056 Basel
Tram 1 / 11 / 14 / 21

Day ticket: CHF 15.00
Students: CHF 10.00
Free admission for VIP cardholders

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