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alpengluehen art group (aag)

alpengluehen art group uses various techniques in a work of art to create a unique work. These include photography, computer graphics, prints, their own oil paintings, collages, lithographs and drawings in digitalized form. By combining these techniques, amazing works are created.

« The photographs of the alpengluehen art group are actually collages in which original photos, computer graphics, but also their own oil paintings, lithographs and hand drawings come together in digitised form. The combination of these techniques leads to amazing results, the landscapes of the Engadine are presented in a new way as processed art objects.
Whether the panorama of St. Moritz, the abandoned mountain hut or the horses hurrying away: The idyll is captured, altered, disturbed and enriched Superficial simplicity is combined with artistic-technical sophistication. But some are also based, as in science, on accidental discoveries by the searching artists.
In unique artworks, a parallel reality becomes visible beneath the visible one, showing the Engadine from a new perspective. »

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alpengluehen art group (aag) / Copyright

alpengluehen art group (aag): superstar / Photography, digital work

alpengluehen art group (aag) / Copyright

alpengluehen art group (aag): berg 2686 / Photography, digital work

alpengluehen art group (aag) / Copyright

alpengluehen art group (aag): go / Photography, digital work

alpengluehen art group (aag) / Copyright

alpengluehen art group (aag): winter (extract from the season series) / Photography, digital work

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