Who can apply for the Rhy Art Salon Basel?
- Active artists
- Galleries with single presentations

The Rhy Art Salon is dedicated to solo presentations by artists and individual artist presentations by galleries.
We process all applications received in the order in which they are received. Application forms will only be emailed to those candidates who are eligible to be qualified exhibitors at this event.

Your concept
The concept for your exhibition stand should include the following details:
- Works of art (please send images by link or e-mail)
- Design of the exhibition stand
- Artist biography and programme
- Special themes

Limited offer only while exhibition stands are available. Allocation takes place after qualification in the order of registration.

Please contact us for an individual quote if you are interested in our additional offer of all-round stand supervision.

Request for Application forms

The Rhy Art Salon 2022 is already fully booked. You can request the application documents for the 6th Rhy Art Salon Basel (15 - 18 June 2023) here:

  • Programme / special focus
  • Artists to be exhibited
  • Works to be exhibited (please send by email)
  • Size and weight of the works (if over 10 kg)
  • Average prices of the exhibits

* Yes, I have taken note of the Privacy Policy and agree to it.
You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us. In this case your data will be deleted.

* = Champs obligatoires

Actual information for Exhibitors


Contemporary Artists
June 16 - 19, 2022 (5th edition)
June 15 - 18, 2023 (6th edition)
Rhypark Basel, Switzerland


The Rhy Art Salon Basel is a public exhibition. The sale of artworks is possible under the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The organizer does not charge any commission.

Please first request the application documents using the form beside. The number of exhibitors is limited for space reasons. After the qualification the order of registration will be considered.
You rent exhibition booths ready for occupancy including stand construction, lighting, lettering, catalogue entry, exhibitor passes, VIP invitations.

Artists who actively represent their art can apply for the Rhy Art Salon, as well as galleries with solo presentations. The exhibitors should also activate their own network and offer their fans and customers a great presentation at the Rhy Art Salon.

Visitors are private and business collectors, gallery owners, curators and a general art public. The hall is used the whole year for cultural events and is well known in Basel.


In case of a postponement of your booked event due to official restrictions because of the current Covid19-pandemic, you will not lose any money.
Your payments will then be credited towards participation in one of our events in the next 2 years.


The Federal Council has lifted most of the Covid measures. According to the latest information, there are no longer any access restrictions for cultural events. Entry into Switzerland is also possible without pandemic-related measures at this time.
Security measures and access rules


Our additional offer if you cannot attend the fair in person!
Be present at the art market despite the pandemic as well as travel restrictions! The circulation of goods to Switzerland is and will remain open.
Take advantage of our all-inclusive offer!
Stand supervision is available for all stand sizes.

Representation without your presence:
- Professional stand support and sales service by own staff
- No sales commission
- Technical staff for mounting, unwrapping, packaging
- Qualified stand staff for representation, consulting, and sales at the booth

Please contact us for an individual quote


Plan in time and win new customers!
We start early with the communication. On request we can send you additional marketing material.
Use your advertising opportunities: Plan your appointments in advance of the exhibition and invite potential customers.

Benefit from our wide-reaching network!
Use our web banners: banner, logo and more
Important info: Exhibition marketing

Specified advertising measures:
Billposting in various formats and flyer distribution by advertising companies, personal invitations with letter delivery by Swiss Post, email marketing, local promotion campaigns and direct distribution at hotspots, internet and event portals, social media, various press releases, and much more.

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